CST Announces Acquisition of IdemWorks

July 1st, 2016

Darmstadt, Germany, July 1, 2016: CST – Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) announces the acquisition of IdemWorks s.r.l.(IdemWorks), an industry leading provider of modeling tools and services.

Engineers working in a wide range of applications, including Signal/Power Integrity and EMC verification in Digital, RF and Mixed/Signal design can look forward to enjoying greater synergies between IdEM and CST STUDIO SUITE®. IdEM is a user friendly tool for the generation of SPICE-ready macromodels of electrical interconnect structures such as packages, connectors, via fields, discontinuities up to backplane links and complete power delivery networks. Starting from their input-output port responses, derived from measurement or simulation, IdEM provides accurate, proven, passive and causal broadband computational models that can be used in any circuit simulation environment for reliable transient and AC analyses.