Main features


  • Fully-developed GUI: all algorithms of IdEM are linked to an intuitive Graphical User Interface

  • Multiplatform: IdEM is available for Windows and Linux platforms

  • Easy to use: little expert knowledge is needed for using most algorithms with standard settings

  • Flexible and powerful: a rich set of control parameters is available for advanced users

  • Accurate and efficient: IdEM uses state-of-the-art fitting algorithms for rational approximations with guaranteed passivity

  • Unlimited ports: splitting strategies are adopted for handling large port counts without excessive memory requirements

  • Data import: import filters are available for Touchstone and other common data formats

  • Model export: models can be synthesized as equivalent circuits into common SPICE formats

Best-in-class features

  • Causality: A proprietary causality check module allows detecting possible measurement/simulation errors that compromise the physical consistency of the raw data.

  • Passivity: Top-class algorithms are available for model passivity enforcement, ensuring safe use of models in system-level EMC/SI/PI simulations.

  • Multiprocessing: An advanced module enables multi-thread capabilities, with an extraordinary speed-up in simulation time and guaranteeing an efficient macromodeling of ever-larger structures.

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