They say about IdEM...

"We have been using IdEM with great success to model our SiGe IC packages. What makes IdEM so unique compared to other similar tools in the market is that it can handle electrically large structures easily and enforce model passivity rigorously, which is the key to convergent time-domain simulations. It also provides quite flexibility to users in terms of selecting algorithm parameters thus making it more adaptable. IdEM has an excellent customer service as well. We are very happy working with them." - Noyan Kinayman, M/A-COM - Strategic R&D, Lowell, MA, USA

"We're currently evaluating multiple tools... IdEM is definitely one of the leading candidates. IdEM is a good tool to take S-parameters from any source and enforce physicality on the model (causality/passivity). One can then export spice models that will run much more cleanly in generic spice or HSPICE than will S-parameters directly." - Chad Morgan, Tyco Electronics, USA

"IdEM works fine, delivers accurate results and is very stable. Excellent software! I'm working on a design flow, which enables straightforward usage of IdEM for circuit block modeling in Analog Design Environments. This tool is especially interesting for the EM solver companies to provide stable, compact and simulation-efficient broadband spice models from EM-simulated passive structures. I'm really happy about the powerful possibilities IdEM offers to me." - Pietro Brenner, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

"We are using IdEM intensively and are really satisfied." - Stephan Frei, Dortmund University, Germany

"IdEM provides an effective data and model handling solution, enabling a straightforward combination of different EM and circuit-level simulation tools for carrying out extensive analysis and design flows. We have found it very useful tool for us." - Ilkka Kelander, Nokia Research Center, Finland